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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Splash Page welcomes artists Max & Sebastian Fiumara!

Splash Page would like to welcome artists Max and Sebastian Fiumara to our family of artists!  Both Max and Sebastian are extremely talented artists, penciling & inking their own art and working their own separate issues and titles.  Each artists' work can be seen in their individual galleries below:

Max Fiumara:

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Max has worked in comics since 2002, for Avatar Press, Marvel, DC and Dark Horse. His titles range from Amazing Spider-man, Namor and Hulk smash Avengers to Infinity, inc and the zombie tale Black Gas with writer Warren Ellis.

In 2008, he co-created the book Four Eyes with his Spider-man writer Joe Kelly, published by MoA and Image comics. Since 2012.  He’s been working alongside Mike Mignola in B.P.R.D And shares the art duties with his twin brother Sebastian in the ongoing series Abe Sapien. 

Max Fiumara Gallery

Max Fiumara:  Max Fiumara Abe Sabien Iss 6 Cover Art  Sebastian Fiumara: Sebastian Fiumara Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Cover Art

Sebastian Fiumara:

Argentinean artist Sebastian Fiumara introduced himself to comics in 2002 working for Avatar Press in titles such

 as “George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead” and Alan Moore ́s “Hypothetical Lizard.

 Then he moved to Marvel where he did “Marvel Illustrated: The Picture of Dorian Gray” with Roy Thomas; “Orson Scott

Card’s Ender’s Shadow” and a Loki miniseries with writer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa.

 In 2013, after short collaborations with DC Comics, he started working for Dark Horse in the Mignola related books

like Lobster Johnson with John Arcudi, and the new Abe Sapien series alonside his brother Max and writer Scott Allie.

Sebastian Fiumara Gallery

New Art Added at/since San Diego Comic Con-

In addition San Diego Comic Con being collectors first opportunity to see and buy the Fiumara brothers original art, I received and have added art from Charlie Adlard, Lee Bermejo, Tim Bradstreet, Cliff Chiang, Leandro Fernandez, Sina Grace, Jason Howard, Jock, Michael Lark, Ariel Olivetti and Goran Sudzuka.

Charlie Adlard Walking Dead 130 interiors and cover.

Lee Bermejo Joker Harley Copic Marker Pinup

Tim Bradstreet Classic Hellblazer, Punisher Cover art as well as a Walking Dead Merle piece for AMC and other recent pieces.

Cliff Chiang Batgirl, Wonder Woman & Life with Archie Cover art and more.

Leandro Fernandez Deadpool, Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers & New Mutants art.

Sina Grace Burn the Orphanage art from both mini series and from The Li'l Depressed Boy.

Jason Howard Art from Trees, the hot new Image Comics book written by Warren Ellis.

Jock Wolverine Max Cover Art.

Michael Lark Lazarus Issue 10 Art.

Ariel Olivetti Painted Machine Man and Bastion Annual Cover art featuring Cable.

Goran Sudzuka New Ghosted & Wonder Woman interior art.

Ariel Olivetti Painted Machine Man Bastion Cable Cover Art




New Art

Original for Sleeping Giant Ventures Zombie Print

Artist(s): Charlie Adlard     Issue:      Page: Pinup

This original art was commissioned by Sleeping Giant Ventures for a limited edition Zombie Print by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard.  It...



Artist(s): Jason Howard     Issue: 03     Page: 20

This is the original published comic art for Trees.  It is drawn in pencils and inked by Jason Howard on a piece of 11 x 17" lite weig...



Artist(s): Jason Howard     Issue: 03     Page: 16

This is the original published comic art for Trees.  It is drawn in pencils and inked by Jason Howard on a piece of 11 x 17" lite weig...


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