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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Emerald City Comic Con Commission Lists Open!

Emerald City Comic Con is coming up quickly!  Now is the time to pre-order original art for pickup at the show.  We will only be bringing art for the 5 artists listed here unless you pre-order something for us to bring.
Max & Sebastian Fiumara, Brian Thies, Tony Akins and Stefano Gaudiano will all be setup in Artist Alley with Splash Page at Emerald City Comic Con March 1-4.   Brian Thies will be located at Artist Alley Table U4, Tony Akins & Stefano Gaudiano will share U5, Sebastian Fiumara at U6 and Max Fiumara at U7.
Brian Thies HAS TIME RIGHT NOW to work on your piece to have it ready for pickup at the show!
  Tony and Stefano will start taking their lists on the first day of the show.
Tony Akins
Tony will be drawing pencil and inked one character Head/Shoulder Busts on 9 x 12" art board for $200 (This includes Blanks Sketch Covers in this size slot) Additional characters are $75 each.
Max & Sebastian Fiumara   
will be drawing 9 x 12" One character head/bust commissions at the show for $200 (This size slot also includes blank covers).  This signup list will open on Thursday, the first day of the show.
Stefano Gaudiano will be drawing on Walking Dead Blank Covers exclusively.  They will be included in the price of the piece. 
A random generic zombie illustration of Stefano's choosing with a light background will be $125.  Commissions of a specific character are $200.

Brian Thies will be drawing:

8x10" quick head sketchs starting at $75

9x12" bust for $125 and 3/4 Figure starting at $150 (This includes Blanks Sketch Covers in this size slot)

11x17" full figure starting at $300 (A ECCC show special)

Additional characters are $75 each.

Optional backgrounds are $150

Signup open now for Brian!
Please specify who you would like the commission by, which character(s) and what size. email me here:
Tony Akins Two Character (Rick & Morty) 9 X 12" Bust Commission Example
Tony Akins 2 Character (Rick & Morty) Bust Commission Example
Max Fiumara Hellboy 11 x 17" One character with full backgrounds commission Example.
One character commission example with optional full backgrounds by Max Fiumara.
The Black Bolt is drawn by Max & an example of a 9 x 12" One character head/bust commission.
One character 9 x 12 Head Bust Comission Example by Max Fiumara
The Sandman piece is drawn by Sebastian & an example of a 9 x 12" One character head/bust commission.
9 x 12 One Character Head Bust Commission Example by Sebastian Fiumara.
#maxfiumara #sebastianfiumara
Stefano Gaudiano Zonbie Blank Comic Example
Brian Thies Full Figure 2 Characters Commission Example
Brian Thies 2 Character Full Figure Commission Example

New Art

Hellblazer (1988)

Artist(s): Mark Buckingham, Alfredo Alcala     Issue: 18     Page: 11

This is very early Mark Buckingham Hellblazer original from Issue 18.  It is drawn on a piece of 11 x 17" comic art board and features...


Hellblazer (1988)

Artist(s): Richard Piers-Rayner, Mark Buckingham     Issue: 14     Page: 03

This is a fantastic early Hellblazer original from Issue 14 featuring nice big shots of Constantine. An amazing aspect to this page is that 100%...


Hellblazer (1988)

Artist(s): Mark Buckingham, Alfredo Alcala     Issue: 22     Page: 13

This is very early & nice Mark Buckingham Hellblazer original from Issue 22. It features a very young John Constantine in nearly every panel...


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